What is the Sessiondesk Modularsystem?

The Sessiondesk Modularsystem is an acoustically optimized, high quality Studio Furniture System designed in Germany and proudly built in the north of Portugal. The ergonomic design and the high-grade materials make it the most intriguing solution for recording, production and songwriting. The modular system gives you the possibility to easily change your desk configuration. Just add new parts to expand your workspace.

Klangetage - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Basic Desk Configurations

The Solo

The most space-saving configuration.
Optimized for producers, composers and mastering engineers.

The Duo

The best solution for medium sized production and recording studios.
Optimized for working with two screens.

The Trio

The Trio provides the most space for your recording and mastering gear.
Together with three lower racks you get up to incredible 72U of rack space in one studiodesk.

The Trapez

The configuration with a twist, available in four different sizes.
While transforming every room into a recording studio, this studiodesk is giving you total control.

Get your custom studiodesk

If your studio requirements are very special or if you plan to integrate your recording or mastering equipment into the Sessiondesk's surface don't hesitate to contact us.
Take advantage of our experience in building your perfect studiodesk solution. Don't hesitate to send us drawings or renderings describing your ideas.

SAE Institute - Hamburg, Germany

Four reasons for a Sessiondesk Modularsystem

  • Best materials

    The basic materials we are using are lining wood, originally used for building indestructible flight-cases, high-pressure-laminate, providing a scratch free and clean working surface and part faux, part real leather for a constantly even looking hand support. All materials have been chosen carefully and are supplied by specificly chosen manufacturers.

  • Acoustically optimized

    The whole architecture of our Sessiondesk is designed for working with audio signals. Everything between your speakers and ears causes reflections and thereby comb-filter effects. Our Sessiondesks components are working similar to acoustic diffusors and can even optimize the audio engineering workspace in your recording and mixing studio. Only working without any Studiodesk would be a better solution.

  • Highest flexibility

    Our Sessiondesk is the only complete modular solution to be found in Europe. It grows with your needs and can be easily expanded from a mixing- and mastering- to a recordingdesk. So if you decide for a Solo, you could end up with a Trapez some day. The height can be adjusted comfortably and if you need a drawer for your MIDI-Keys, we have it.

  • Simply beautiful

    Creating audio engineering workspaces and is not only a matter of functionality. Interior design, lighting, coziness or a "form follows function" concept - it all is part of the creative process and the work with customers. Our Sessiondesk will be the unobtrusive eye-catcher, completing your studio and giving your precious recording and mastering gear an adequate frame.

The Fat Mastering - Beverly, UK

Where to buy

You can order your Sessiondesk Modularsystem (single parts or configurations) directly or from one of our Dealers or Resellers.

  • Want to talk about specific configurations and options?
  • Contact Us

Additional Information

Check out the links below for the complete price list, information on delivery and answers to the most common questions and please don't hesitate to send a mail or call if you plan to build a new studio or just want to upgrade your homerecording environment. Our network of partners with years of experience will find a solution for every need.

In need of some personal assistance?

We provide personal consultations, especially if you plan to have a customized adaption of your desk.
Feel free to contact us below to find the perfect date and time.