The Sessiondesk Custom

If your studio requirements are special or if you plan to integrate your recording or mastering equipment into the Sessiondesk's surface - we can do it. Take advantage of our experience in building your perfect studiodesk solution. Don't hesitate to send us drawings or renderings describing your ideas.
A Sessiondesk might cost way less then you probably think. Depending on extra material and work time a Sessiondesk custom usually costs around 35% added up to the price of the standard configuration.

1Have an idea
2Get a concept
3Make final changes & get a price
4Approve the final 3D model
5We build it - you have it
Step 1

Have an idea

First of all - you have to have the idea. Usually there are two different sorts of customization. The first is a change of size in what way ever. Second usually is the integration of your audio gear into the desk.
Both is possible and it is very helpful to have a scribble of some sort, or a description of your hardware, to let us do the work. And no one has to be an artist to make us understand what he or she wants.

Step 2

Get a concept

You will get your our first approach as a 3D scribble quite fast. If this is exactly what you wanted, fine. If not, we go back to step 1 and clear the modifications necessary for your perfect piece of furniture and sometimes a quick phone call can do magic here.

Step 3

Make final changes & get a price

On the basis of our 3D scribble you can make desired changes. When everything is just the way you want it, we can go ahead finalizing the scribble. Together with the information of the desired material or special needs, we are able to give you a price for your Sessiondesk custom.

Step 4

Approve the final 3D model

The final 3D model is the base for us to build it. You will have a chance to check and approve it, before we pick up the wood. Also the price will be final at that stage.
A Sessiondesk custom usually adds up around 35% on the original price of the standard model. Just to give you an idea.

Step 5

We build it - you have it

After approval and payment the production of your Sessiondesk custom will start directly and will be finished between 4-6 weeks later. Sometimes the supply of unusual materials can take longer, but we will keep in constant contact, to make sure you are in the studio when it arrives.

Interested in a getting a solution to optimize your workflow perfectly matching your room? Book a 15 minute consultation with our Product Specialist, learn about the possibilities and get a fair quote for your optimal solution.