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Item Nr.Part DescriptionMSRP, excl. VATMSRP, incl. 19% VAT
SD01 & SD02Sidewalls428,57 €510,00 €
SD03Lower Rack 12U285,71 €340,00 €
SD04Upper Rack 12U210,08 €250,00 €
SD05Upper Rack 8U210,08 €250,00 €
SD06Tabletop short168,07 €200,00 €
SD07-40Tabletop Trapez front 40cm294,12 €350,00 €
SD08-40Tabletop Trapez back 40cm301,68 €359,00 €
SD07-60Tabletop Trapez front 60cm378,15 €450,00 €
SD08-60Tabletop Trapez back 60cm385,71 €459,00 €
SD07-80Tabletop Trapez front 80cm462,18 €550,00 €
SD08-80Tabletop Trapez back 80cm469,75 €559,00 €
SD07-100Tabletop Trapez front 100cm546,22 €650,00 €
SD08-100Tabletop Trapez back 100cm553,78 €659,00 €
SD09Tabletop continuous294,12 €350,00 €
SD09KEYTabletop continuos for Keys210,08 €250,00 €
SD10-40Keys Drawer for Trapez 40420,17 €500,00 €
SD10-60Keys Drawer for Trapez 60504,20 €600,00 €
SD10-80Keys Drawer for Trapez 80588,24 €700,00 €
SD10-100Keys Drawer for Trapez 100672,27 €800,00 €
SD11Keys Drawer for Solo252,10 €300,00 €
SD12Keys Drawer for Duo420,17 €500,00 €
SD13Keys Drawer for Trio630,25 €750,00 €
SD21Transverse Bar Solo32,77 €39,00 €
SD22Transverse Bar Duo74,79 €89,00 €
SD23Transverse Bar Trio158,82 €189,00 €

The Basic Series

Item Nr.Part DescriptionMSRP, excl. VATMSRP, incl. 19% VAT
QuintavSessiondesk Quintav839,50 €999,00 €
OktavSessiondesk Oktav1.091,60 €1.299,00 €
GustavSessiondesk Gustav1.259,66 €1.499,00 €
QuintavkeyKeyboard drawer for Quintav125,21 €149,00 €
OktavkeyKeyboard drawer for Oktav167,23 €199,00 €


Item Nr.Part DescriptionMSRP, excl. VATMSRP, incl. 19% VAT
AleaSiderack cube & cart461,34 €549,00 €
NivelStraight white table top125,21 €149,00 €


Item Nr.Part DescriptionMSRP, excl. VATMSRP, incl. 19% VAT
Porto-VSpeaker Stand671,43 €799,00 €

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EU sales outside of Germany only for VAT ID holders. If you don't own a VAT ID, please refer to our dealers and resellers below.
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Delivery Costs

ProductGermanyEUNon EU
SolofreeEUR 80,-individual
DuofreeEUR 90,-individual
TriofreeEUR 100,-individual
TrapezfreeEUR 100,-individual
GustavfreeEUR 100,-individual
Oktav freeEUR 90,-individual
Quintav freeEUR 80,-individual
OktavkeyfreeEUR 50,-individual
QuintavkeyfreeEUR 30,-individual
AleafreeEUR 50,-individual
NivelfreeEUR 30,-individual
Porto-VfreeEUR 50,-individual

Assembly Instructions


Here you will find all assembly instructions for the Modularsystem. The instructions for the lower and upper racks is below.

Sessiondesk SOLO
Sessiondesk DUO
Sessiondesk TRIO
Sessiondesk TRAPEZ (all sizes)
SD03 - Lower Rack with 12U
SD04 - Upper Rack with 12U
SD05 - Upper Rack with 8U and display shelf

Basic Series

Basic Desk - Quintav
Basic Desk - Oktav
Basic Desk - Gustav

ALEA Racksolution

ALEA Racksolution - Cart & Cube
Nivel - HPL Table Top for ALEA

Where to buy

You can either order your Sessiondesk by contacting us, or obtain it from one of our resellers & dealers. Many of them have recording- or mastering configurations assembled in their showroom, so you can touch and feel it, before you inevitably say yes.

Country/RegionLocationShop & Link
FranceParisWoodbrass Deluxe
GermanyEssenApke Tontechnik
GermanyBerlinDigital Audionetworx
GermanyHamburgDigital Audio Service
GermanyFrankfurtMein Mic
GermanyCologneMusic Store
GermanyTreppendorfThomann GmbH
MaltaFlorianaLito's Place
UKBedfordKazbar Systems

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Pictures & Sources

A big thanks for studio pictures is going to:
Klangetage - Recording Studio in Frankfurt /M.
SAE Institute Hamburg - Education in Audio Engineering
The Fat Mastering - Mastering Studio in Beverly, UK
Atelier Du Gain in Lyon, France
MS Mastering in Düren, Germany
M3 Mastering in Offenbach, Germany
Jorge Cervantes - Lima, Peru

Team pictures shot by the one and only Dimi Conidas.
The picture of Nils Wülker was shot by David Koenigsmann from Hamburg.

All videos made by the highly talented girls and boys from Filmhafen.

Almost all websites based on the awesome templates by HTML5 UP (we truly love your work).
Porto-V website is based on a really slick template made by styleshout.
We are using some of the great snippets from Codrops.
The Basic Series website uses the excellent and easy to use jquery gallery from
The Studio Guide contains pictures from the magnificent Unsplash data base.
All our websites use the easy to implement and self-explaining chat modules from (great work, guys).


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