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About Sessiondesk©

We from Sessiondesk believe, that only the right tools can lead to the perfect outcome. That especially applies to a pro audio production environment, no matter if recording, mastering, or songwriting is your main focus of work.
For us, the right studio desk is more than just a table with rack space. It should be a solution for many everyday problems we encounter in our studio's workflow, an uncomplicated assembly, and flexibility to serve any client. Studio furniture has to be not only practical but acoustically optimized and a perfect fit in a well-designed studio. A studio table should be a worthy centerpiece for any audio working space, big or small. Your speaker stands shouldn't change your precious speaker signal, and your gear always should be in reach and inside your sweet spot.

Our focus lies in the understanding of workflows. The development of long-lasting, functional, and aesthetic workplaces is our passion. We are professionals in building custom solutions, so if you have special requirements for your working area, please feel free to contact us.

Dimi Conidas Mixing | Mastering

The Sessiondesk© Founders



Product Designer



Technical Advisor

Customers Opinions

For my new studio I wanted a custom desk that could hold my mixing console and all the EQs and compressors hard wired to it, that was as acoustically transparent as possible, and that looked fantastic. We designed a solution based on the Sessiondesk Modular System, and I could not be happier with the result.
It’s the perfect centerpiece for my workspace.
Just what I needed.
Hannes Bieger on Sessiondesk
Hannes Bieger

Mixing Engineer, Music Producer & Electronic Music Live Act.

I was looking for the perfect desk for months and finally came across the Sessiondesk Trapez.
It’s an essential piece of the studio, fully modifiable with plenty of rack space and cable management.
Just what I needed.
Wilkinson on Sessiondesk

Drum & Bass Producer and DJ.

What a beautiful and functional desk...
I can lay out all my equipment beautifully in my Sessiondesk.
Hiro Furuya on Sessiondesk
Hiro Furuya

Engineer for Eric Clapton, Bon jovi, Berliner Philharmonie, and more.

Thank you very much Sessiondesk Team for the beautiful crafted customized Version of the „Gustav“ StudioDesk (we called it the „MoTav“).
It really improved my whole workflow with everything in perfect reach now. Customized to fit every piece of Equipment i own which i need to have right in front of me. Quality made for a lifetime.
Tony Calhoun on Sessiondesk
Tony Calhoun

Engineer for Roni Size, Total Science, Anthony Rother, Sven Väth, Nena, and more.

I have my Sessiondesk DUO now for several years but still, I am excited about it every single day. Often I am sitting at it for more than 12 hours, so naturally, it is important to me that my work pace is ergonomic and of a high-grade quality. The DUO lives up to all my expectations and is beside of that a real beauty. It took me 15 minutes to build it up and since then the Sessiondesk stands like on the first day.
Lex Barkey
Lex Barkey

Engineer for Felix Jaehn, Raf Camora, Haftbefehl, Herbert Grönemeyer, and more

My Sessiondesk is a true upgrade for my studio. A thought-thru centerpiece, instead of a self-built solution. Despite its compact size it is ergonomically optimized, with a minimal acoustic influence on my listening position. The quality and look of my new favorite piece are really great. In other words: I love sitting at my Sessiondesk DUO and motivation is the best condition for making good music.
Tony Calhoun on Sessiondesk
Nils Wülker

Composer and Jazz trumpet player, winner of the Echo Jazz and 2 times the German Jazz Award.

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