A desk for Producers & Composers - rethought

The solution that keeps your keyboards and controllers in a fixed position.
Play & edit in one equally optimized working space.

For 88 Keys

The big brother, with a full width of 1.60 meters, provides space for keyboards up to 1,55 meters of length and over 15cm of height.

  • Width 1603 mm
  • Depth 860 mm
  • Height of table top adjustable from 835 to 885 mm
  • For keyboards up to a width of 1555 mm

For 61 Keys

The compact version for 61 keys has a total width of 108cm and hold keyboards with a total width of 103cm and over 15cm of height.

  • Width 1078 mm
  • Depth 860 mm
  • Height of table top adjustable from 835 to 885 mm
  • For keyboards up to a width of 1030 mm

Move your table top
not your keyboard

Before working with your keyboard or controller, just push back the upper tabletop and work without obstruction. To edit your work, simply pull it back and work like on a regular table.

  • Maximum stability while playing your instrument
  • No cable problems, when keyboard is in a fixed position.
  • Slick workflow guaranteed

Give yourself some
AIR to breathe

The AIR is more than a simple production desk with a keyboard stand. It is a design object, where every angle and opening has its optimal size and space. The open architecture reduces the reflective surface and therefore the acoustical footprint.

Upgrade your Workflow

The Sessiondesk AIR and BIG AIR rethink the workflow of composing and editing completely.
Change your setup with the Sessiondesk AIR, to skip the known issues of switching between tasks.

  • Stay Flexible

    The ideal desk, whether you are in your creative phase working with your instrument, or focused on editing or mixing. Simply switch your tasks with just one move of your tabletop.

  • Optimize your space

    Especially with the smaller brother AIR, you are all set, while working with a 61 keys instrument. No rack space is occupying your working area and if you should need some, our ALEA stands by your side.

  • Reduce the footprint

    The open architecture of the Sessiondesk AIR is less reflective and therefore leaves a smaller acoustical footprint in your working area as an ordinary desk. Better control of your reflections leads to a better judgment of your audio signals.

  • Get inspired now

    The places where we want to be creative, don't only have to follow their function but to be an inspiration, that sometimes keeps us up all night. The Sessiondesk AIR is not only a practical tool but will give your production environment the final touch.

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Product Description MSRP
BIG AIR Black Sky Producer Desk for 88 Keys in black 1.449,00 €
AIR Black Sky Producer Desk for 61 Keys in black 1.199,00 €