Why B-Stock?

Everytime we take a desk to a fair, even only if it is for one day, we consider this desk to be B-Stock.
Sometimes we produce products with slight differences. This could be a material change or some minor, sometimes hardly visible flaw in the material's surface.
Here at Sessiondesk we believe that we should make the most of our ressources. So we refurbish most of our products that found their way back into our warehouse, to build fixed combinations for a decent price. In many cases we also fill the missing parts with brand new ones.

The product prices below do not include VAT.

Our Promise

The Sessiondesk B-Stock products are of course not 100% comparable to the new ones. But we carefully checked and refurbished every single part before adding it to a combination. Please check the product descriptions of the individual desk, to make sure that it meets your expectations.

Who can buy from us?

Usually we only sell to dealers, resellers and professional clients with a valid VAT ID. If you have one, fine. If not, we will find the closest Sessiondesk reseller in your vicinity and connect you both. Maybe he offers even more interesting gear.

Delivery Costs

Please understand that the low product costs don't include shipment and that we can't deliver our B-Stock products to outside the EU. The following delievery costs have to be added to the price of the desk combination. All shipping costs are without VAT.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for further information.
You can also right us a mail to contact@sessiondesk.com if you need any support in finding the right desk.
If you are rather looking for a new desk, please visit our Modularsystem website