The versatile rack solution

ALEA: one rack - many faces

The needs and space of every recording and mastering studio are different. Thus it's difficult to come up with a solution that meets all requirements.

The Sessiondesk ALEA is our approach to providing highest flexibility while showing clear form follows function aesthetics. You can use it as a side, or floor rack, interconnect many of them and complete them with a high-quality HPL table top. The possibilities are highly extensive.

Side rack becomes face-up rack

A classic side rack is probably the best solution for installing all the additional outboard equipment, which is not finding its place into your desk. Just flip the cube on its cart to turn it into a face-up rack. The alternative angle gives you the possibility to place it beside your chair and use your equipment without leaving your sweet-spot. The smaller acoustical footprint can be a desirable side effect in your control room.

The Nivel: straighten it out

As useful as the angle of the floor rack is, you usually can't use its surface for placing all the little helpers you need in your everyday studio life. The NIVEL is the additional add-on for the Sessiondesk ALEA that cleverly solves this problem while looking good, too. Its high-pressure laminate surface is durable and forgiving and the additional side parts straighten your table top perfectly.

Connect freely

The Sessiondesk ALEA not only gives you the possibility to connect and fix cubes side by side, you can also stack them using the cart without feet or wheels. So the Sessiondesk ALEA grows with your amount of hardware.

Wheels or feet

Equally different as the jobs and workflows in your studio environment are, is the usage of a side rack. It can also easily change over time and a once fixed rack has to become moveable.

The Sessiondesk ALEA always comes with feet and wheels to give you the chance to decide youself what you need.


  • 10U rack space
  • usable as face-up or side rack
  • Wheels and feet included
  • Extendable modularity
  • Optional HPL table top available
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 532 x 630 x 673 mm
  • Weight: 21 kg

Price (MSRP)

ArtNr. Description MSRP
ALEA Cube with cart, incl. wheels & feet 555,00 €
NIVEL HPL table top with leveling parts 160,00 €

The prices include shipping to Germany. For other destinations please check our shipping costs.

Above you find the buildup manual for the cart and the cube of the Sessiondesk ALEA

Above you find the buildup manual for the NIVEL